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About Us

The Corona Network is a collaborative social enterprise project which was launched on the first day of the UK lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our real lives we are a small team of developers, project managers and content creators at a digital agency who started working from home over a week before the official lockdown. Very quickly we were communicating in a far more frantic way than we had done before, everyone sharing coronavirus-related content with each other which sometimes was helpful, but other times worrying and stressful.

Being informed is important but a constant barrage of negative (or even misinformed) news is unhealthy, having a negative impact on people’s moods as well as morale. We therefore encouraged everyone in the company to share more upbeat news and outlooks and at the same time saw that there were many great initiatives and events being created in response to the crisis. We realised that if we could create an online platform to showcase all the news, ideas and events, we could then share further and hopefully spread some positivity during these strange and uncertain times.

The Corona Network was developed over four days and was launched the day after the Government announced the lockdown across the UK. 

We hope that you are finding the Corona Network cheering and useful. If so, please do consider contributing to us either in the form of suggesting positive news, ideas and events to feature on the website, or if you are able to spare any time in helping us manage and grow the network, do let us know at hello@coronanetwork.co.uk.

Thank you.

The Corona Network team

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